Swim on in - the waters fine and full of fish


In 2009 whilst conducting a Counter Terrorism Trial with the Australian Navy Clearance Divers Paul de Gelder was attacked by a massive Bull Shark. The first shark attack in Sydney Harbour in over 60 years. Through building an understanding of the animal that nearly killed him, Paul became an avid shark and ocean conservationist. He has worked with groups such as Sea Shepherd and even spoken at the United Nations. His work brought him to the attention of Discovery Channel where he is a regular host on the worldwide television phenom Shark week. This store is for all the shark fans out there just like paul who want to spread the word that we need sharks in this world by rocking some sharky swag.


No Time For Fear - by Paul de Gelder (paperback)

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'No Time For Fear' read by Paul de Gelder (audio CD)

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